Instagram's attempt to block hashtag #curvy Backfires as users create a new one.

Users trying to search for the hashtag #curvy will now be met with a blank page, this is after the photo sharing site blocked the tag saying that most users have been updating inappropriate images using it.

Although the ban doesn't have anything to do with the word curvy, users have been accusing the site of discrimination asking why they did not also ban words like skinny, fat and thinspiration.

Speaking to Huffington post  Sam Roddick who has also been blocked from Instagram for uploading photos of work which resembles genitalia said that "they are showing that as a company their philosophy is emotionally and intellectually unhealthy and psychologically damaging towards women"

he also accused the company of getting behind positive self sexual expression, body hair.gender representation, body shapes and the realities of being human.

After the ban, user have become creative and started a new hashtag #curvee which has since been trending.

After the ban one of the user @ohhdoubleyou said; " How ridiculous to ban #curvy on instagram! Love the #curvee movement"

This is not the first time Instagram have been trolled for their censorship but this could end soon as the company is contemplating a change in their guidelines.

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