Jose Mourinho almost 'divorced' wife for his Kenyan 'Mpango wa Kando'

Back in 2010 when Chelsea FC manager visited Kenya, he is said to have found love from a beautiful lady in Diani, now five years later, the lady Lelesit Silvana has opened up what exactly has been gong on between the two.

According to Lelesit Silvana's closest friend, Silvana was offered marriage by the Coach. The 'self-proclaimed "special one" is said to be planning to divorce his wife and Matilde Faria for his new Kenyan wife.

“He is so deeply in love with her. We have seen several email chats and witnessed uncountable night calls between them,”  the source said.

“When the right time comes, the whole world will know the whole truth,”  she told the Star

During his holiday in Diani, Silvana sold Mourinho a Tanzanite bracelet worth Sh500,000, which she dutifully shipped to Poland. This is where trust began then a love tale started. 

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