Larry Madowo Attacks Businessman Chris Kirubi

Larry Madowo finally got equal with Chris Kirubi aka DJ CK after the later criticized journalists in his twitter account. While POTUS was still in Kenya, DJ CK who owns Capital FM which was the only media house that was privileged to interview President Barack Obama, posted the following in his twitter handle “some of the questions our local journalists ask are wanting. No wonder they are not considered for

 The business magnate was bitter with the manner in which our local journalists carry themselves and act “fake”. Larry Madowo, the man behind The Trend, a popular television show that is aired by NTV, decided to pounce at Chris Kirubi though it was indirect.

He used his position as a columnist in the Daily Nation newspaper and expressed his thoughts. Here is what he wrote: "... In the midst of the hot mess of international reporting out of Kenya, whom did everyone on social media attack? The Kenyan media, naturally.

This is on the same day a foreign journalist asked the most powerful man in the world what he discussed at dinner with his family. Granted, there were some truly face palm-worthy moments in the local media, but having a Twitter account is a remarkably low qualification for criticism. These are truly strange times. You’re probably itching to go and call me a colourful name on the Internet right now. Go for

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