Men: Do you want Amani? This is what you need to do

Are Kenyan men really unromantic or is it because of the love SI unit which has been set too high?  Soap Operas are rampant in all TV stations and are really deceiving our girls. What they don’t know is
that those movies are scripted by man, yet life is scripted by God.

 Few weeks ago, Ray c listed her demands for his ideal man and many tried their luck in vain. At this rate, I would advice ladies to take clay and mould their Mr. Right because they demand too much and offer so little. Kenyan men are very romantic even though others may not be romantic.

 Don’t and never generalize men. I will give men one advice for free, if she aint in your class, please quit her school. Amani is among the hottest Kenyan female singers though she has been off the lime light for a while now but she is back with a bang.

 In her song which will be released on Thursday, she sings “baby I am a diamond in the rough, you’ve got to polish me to see what I’m about” for those who cannot read between the lines, I will be lenient enough to interpret it for you. She means, for any man to win her you have to tolerate the hardships that come with her beauty. Hallo men out there, if you are ready for this uphill task, please comply.

Listen to it below.

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