Ray C Confesses She has a big Crush on President Uhuru Kenyatta

As they say, love is blind and you never can tell who will fall in love with who, its all left to nature.

Here is one more reason for first lady Margaret Kenyatta to protect her man. Tanzania song bird Ray C has publicly declared her love for President Uhuru Kenyatta. Through a post on Instagram, Ray C expressed how she feels about Uhuru that has made everyone talking online.

Can;t tell if its just a stunt she is trying to pull to get attention or its real, but with the recent comments she has been making about looking for a husband, she is surely scanning everybody out to find the best quality in a man.

Ray C actually confessed that she even dreams about him and that he is a "total Package' of what she thinks is an ideal man. Sorry Ray C Unye was taken a long time ago.

Here is what she wrote.

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