Sleepy David denies proposing To Papa Shirandula’s Awinja

During the recently held Luo festival, Churchill show comedian sleepy david pulled what looked like a  proposal to papa shirandula's Jacky Vike.

The comedian has now come out to debunk the claims, claiming he and the Papa Shirandula star are just great friends.

Here is what he posted on his instagram page.

Good morning everyone. This is important. I have been receiving congratulatory messages over the weekend that I had allegedly “proposed” to @jackyvike whom most of you know her as#Awinja from one of my favourite TV show that airs on #CitizenTV #PapaShirandula I would like everyone to know that #Awinja is just but a good friend, having joined the entertainment industry before me.She advices me to length on the does and don’ts What happened at the#LuoFestival was just but a duo act if you watch the video it’s a clear evidence that pun was intended. those photos were taken at the VIP lounge which was fully packed while we were preparing to get on stage. On behalf of the entire Sleepy fraternity we are deeply sorry for the whole misconception. #ItsNotWhatItLooksLike 

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