Sonko vs Alai: Who is telling the truth about Mzee Ojwang?

During Mzee Ojwang’s funeral service that took place yesterday at the Nyayo stadium, Nairobi’s senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko,  claimed that KBC was responsible for Mzee Ojwang’s suffering and downfall.

He went further to say that the government came to Ojwang’s rescue when he was ailing hence the government is not to blame. 

These allegations come after controversial blogger Robert Alai responded to the senator’s opinion claiming that Ojwang’ squandered his money at Sabina Joy Brothel. 

He claims that the Vioja Mahakamani and Vitimbi cast were all being paid well but Ojwang’ misused and wasted his share. I won’t justify anyone, but can’t we let Mzee find peace wherever he is. He entertained us and his time to leave this cruel world came and he had to go.

On the other hand, Sonko rescue team has been with mzee ojwang since he started ailing and atleast has an idea how poorly or well the guy is paid.

 Let’s stop yapping and celebrate a life well lived by the late Ojwang’. Talking is cheap and even if you yap for 30 years, he won’t come back to life. Hey, get a life or gerararia.

This is what Alai Wrote

I have learnt that KBC paid the Vitimbi and Vioja Mahakamani so well.
In fact most of these actors have really invested and have had their children taken to Western schools.
Most of these actors have a starting monthly (not per project) salary of Ksh 250,000. Ojwang' was paid Ksh 300,000 from 2005 and the money was UNTAXED.
I think that it's extremely dishonest and careless for Mama Kayai and others to claim that they cared so much about Ojwang' while they cared to invest their earnings but left Mzee Ojwang' to die a pauper because all his money went to Sabina Joy joints. Mama Kayai even led the team that chased Ojwang' from the Vitimbi show which is on DSTV. Why did they go to DSTV without him if they loved him?
They even approached KBC 10 years ago demanding that they stop working with Ojwang'. People need not be dishonest. Mama Kayai we respect you but tell the truth about Ojwang'. Actors must stand up and say the truth. We can't blame KBC when it fulfilled its obligations.
See the video below of the Judge admitting on TV how they were well paid.

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