Tanzania's Ray C receives over 500 marriage proposal after setting out Husband conditions

Bongo singer Ray C caused a frenzy when she announced what kind of a husband she needed. The singer wrote a list of commandments for her ideal kind of man and the response she received was overwhelming.

Ray C who is 33 and still singer had earlier hinted that she was now ready to settle, but she hasn't found her ideal guy yet.

Here is what she posted.

“Haahaha I can’t believe this, I have received so many calls and text messages about my earlier announcement. Many think I am joking but believe me, I am very serious about this and I urge them to continue sending the request because you could be the lucky one,” Ray C posted on the gram.

“So far, so good, I have received 500 requests and from the looks of things, I see myself setting wedding bells dates after doing the elimination and choosing one,” she said.

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