Vera Sidika and Corazon Raise Alarm over Individuals Impersonating them and conning people

Kenya's most established Socialites Corazon and Vera Sidika are having it rough after some individuals impersonate them and have been making cash using their name.

Vera's impersonator is alleged to be from Tanzania and has been asking for cash from the Bongo team mafisi. According to Vera Sidika, the guy running the account name vee-the-boss-lady on Instagram is a serious con man and you should avoid him at all cost.

Corazon on the other side also has a con man running a fake account with her name on it and is alleged to have been asking money from individuals.

Here is what they said about these two individuals.

 lilythegenie  My dear lovies, help me report this fake account please.. It's not even a fan page, a person is using it to get money from vulnerable thirsty idiots, I feel it's my duty to protect such fools and also my reputation thanks. Please report @corazon_kwanboka @corazon_kwanboka REPORT

queenveebosset Beware. The same fake page I warned you about has now changed names.
This Tanzanian man running this page is a conman.
tafadhali be careful. Huyu Ni tapeli. Anawatapeli watanzania sana. This is not my page. It's a fake account. Smh.
Kindly let your friends know if they have no idea.

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