Vera Sidika Finally reveals the source of her Money

For the first time ever, Socilalite Vera Sidika has spoken out very strongly about her work. There have been a lot of rumors going round that beauty only relies on money she receives from men but this is not the case, The lady is a hard working citizen just like you and me.

Vera celebrity status also seems to have favored her, she owns a posh salon which only attracts people with fats pockets and this is good for her. And if you thought the money she sends only comes from sponsors, then you are terribly wrong. Here is a photo she posted with a caption;

Most people think I don't work, yes I do, I like my money as much as I do my food and when I do work I work like a donkey. I chill hard but I work even harder, but not gonna post pics of me working all day cause that's boring, and nobody really cares about what you do anyways. But Remember, The dream is FREE but the Hustle is SOLD separately. 

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