Westgate Mall reopens almost two years after terror attack

After a terror attack that left 67 people dead almost two years ago, the Westgate mall where the attack happened has been officially opened for business again.

The mall which was opened on Saturday. has left many people with mixed reactions especially the families of the victims, many of them saying that the mall will still continue to haunt them and it will be difficult to get passed it.

Al Qaeda affiliated Terror group Al-shabaab claimed the responsibility of the four day attack that also left the mall severely damaged.

According to the Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero, the mall is a symbol of Kenya's resilience and undaunting spirit. He also said that " as Kenyans we should not show the enemy that we are afraid of them, in fact we need to make the enemy afraid of us"

In the newly opened Westgate mall, retail store Nakumatt has increased its presence from one store to eight and has opened announced discounts for various items in the store.

Other previous tenants among them Artel, subway restaurant, art caffe, Fed ex, Barclays and Ashleys and many other have also re-established their shops in the mall.

The mall's security has been increased and an international firm given the contract to manage the overall security of the mall.

Apart from just the security inside and around the mall, there has been an introduction of Neighbourhood watch around the area and all residents will be registered to ensure that suspicious characters are weeded out.

The employees of the mall have been trained on how to respond during an attack as part of extra measures to ensure a maximum life survival during an attack.

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