Woman With Oversized Bottom Contemplates Suicide As She Faces Daily Abuse

While the likes of Vera Sidika struggle to make their behinds bigger and better, a woman in south Africa is tired of her big bottoms and wish she would shrink them and live in peace.

50 year old Lerato Pitso from South African says she has been facing a daily barrage of abuse due her over sized behinds and she has been thinking of committing suicide over the same.

Lerato says that she has tried all ways including loosing weight but her hip shave remained the same which made her to go into depression. She is currently single and she has been looking for love but her hopes are waning because everybody sees her as a sex object and said that women are the worst abusers.

“I’ve been battling with my weight since I was a teenager. I’ve tried every diet available but nothing worked. I was on the verge of committing suicide,” she told

The mother of one says she has now joined a new weightless program which is also helping her stay focused and remain positive about life.

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