Zari's Baby Bump Has Popped, and everybody has to see

Alert! Alert! to all the haters who have been talking ill about Zari and Diamond, here is what will make you jealous if not envious. Zari's tummy has popped and she is super excited about it , Uganda's controversial socialite posted a picture exposing her tummy outside to say it all.

Zari who already has 3 kids, from another father, will be welcoming her fourth kid thanks to Diamond's skills. Zari is approximately 7 or so years older than Diamond but as they say love is blind. They are in love and here comes the fruit of their love.

Diamond has been having relationships with popular Tanzanian socialites, Wema is a good example, and he has broken up with many of them but who are we to judge? He even broke up with his close and best friend, Ommy Dimpoz because of Wema .

When all is said and done; all we can do is to wish them the best in their upcoming task of raising their little angel. A rich dad and a sexy and rich mom will surely get a sweet kid.
Congratulations Zari and Diamond.

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