11 amazing things that Uhuru Kenyatta told CNN before they ‘apologized’

Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta aka Uhunye aka Uhuru Muigai My Guy is arguably the best president that Kenya ever had. He portrays character traits similar to those of president Barrack Obama and Kenya absolutely love Uhunye.

When CNN said that Kenya is ‘a hot bed of terror’ he went ahead to make a joke out of it and said that Kenya is ‘a hot bed of vibrant culture’ during the GES. He is just an adorable president.

Below are the 11 things that Muigai My Guy told CNN before they apologized.

1.You mischaracterized Kenya. You also angered Government and Kenyans with the ‘hotbed story’
2. We don’t expect to be showered with praise, we accept honest criticism. That is how we grow
3. I want to get on record that the people of Kenya are not happy with that kind of coverage
4. ‘Hotbed’ made Kenya look like it is the origin of terror, when the truth is we are not.
5. The ‘hotbed’ story looked like an intentional attempt to render our efforts useless
6. The timing of the ‘hotbed’ story was unfortunate. The world was focused on #MagicalKenya
7. In one stroke, that unfortunate story relegated our efforts to nothing, at least in the eyes of the world
8. Our troops have played a key role in restoring stability in a neighboring country and saved the world from terror
9. You chose an office in Kenya because you found it comfortable and safe for your reporter’s .You should not say the opposite
10. We accept factual, true and fair reporting. We encourage CNN to pursue that kind of journalism.
11. Mr.Tonny Maddox as MD of CNN what have you seen in Nairobi that makes Kenya a ‘hotbed’? Nairobi is like other cities


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