Akothee (the richest Kenyan singer) flashes her expensive car and ‘assets’ too (photos)

Akothee is one of the richest if not the richest musician in Kenya. Her wealth is not from music. She is an entrepreneur and a mother of 5 children but she does not have a husband. Her children too have different fathers.

In an interview with Larry Madowo she said Husbands are not her thing since she leads a flamboyant life and she is independent. Men should fit and adapt with her lifestyle and not the vice versa.

Recently she faced a controversy after she called Benachi, a gospel singer her boo, speculations that Benachi denied claiming that he (Benachi) has a girlfriend. Akothee said that she calls ‘any cool person’ or friend that way.

Akothee has a lot of money, a lot of property and wealth. She lives a flashy life and spends money like a real Luo but do we say. She shot her last video with kes 4 million. Her first video, ‘Djelle Djelle’ is said to be her cheapest video, which cost 0.8-1 million.

Check out her moti:



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