Janet Mbugua's twin brother might be the next big thing,here is the reason why (photo)

Most people wish they had twins. I personally adore and envy twins. Janet Mbugua has a twin brother but between the Mbugua twins, Janet Mbugua is the most known. She is popular thanks to her looks and personality. She has worked for some of the biggest TV stations in the country including KTN and Citizen TV.

Timothy Mbugua, Janet Mbugua’s twin brother is also doing quite well. He was the main character in the latest Access Kenya advert Access Kenya TVC: Internet Solutions An advert that promised us that “they would offer business packages to help you elevate your enterprise, leaving you free to do what matters the most; moving your business up!”

And from the advert one can tell that Timothy should also try his chances on TV as he bears the same striking and authoritative voice his sister has. And also a TV-friendly face

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