Babu Owino writes another grim letter to KRA and Kenya Politicians after the Viral POTUS letter (exclusive photo and letter)

Babu Owino, the chairman of SONU or just call him the president of the University of Nairobi is a very controversial character who unfortunately hits headlines for the wrong reasons.
He first wrote a viral letter to President Barrack Obama and believe me, it wasn’t pleasant. That’s not how gentlemen express their grievances. Style up Owino!
As if that is not enough, he decided to pen down another controversial letter. It seems like he is backing up ‘mama yao’, the CEO of Keroche breweries, Tabitha Karanja.
I won’t explain the content of the letter because I am afraid that I may dilute it. So read it for yourself.

We want to start by applauding the immense efforts by Kenyan entrepreneurs to contribute to
Kenya’s economy and development by providing quality products and services. Many of these
products and services are largely affordable to the wider majority of Kenyans. Kenyan
entrepreneurs open doors to our young people through the creation of jobs and subsidiary
businesses. Because of the efforts of entrepreneurs, students from universities and colleges are assured of internships, attachments and jobs, which leads to the reduction of poverty in Kenya and secures the future of our young people. Furthermore, Kenyan entrepreneurs build brands that effectively compete at regional, continental and global levels. This has greatly enhanced Kenya’s image in Africa and abroad, which has made Kenya a proud country. This is why as students of Kenya we are
concerned when we see Government and its agencies killing the spirit of entrepreneurship. We
wonder whether the Government is serious about building Kenya’s economy or promoting poverty among Kenyans for their selfish gains. We as student leaders have followed keenly and carefully the accusations by Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) leveled against Keroche Breweries; an internationally recognized company owned by Kenyans. We have done our research and unmasked the following machinations: Academic freedom, excellence, liberty and
students welfare
1. KRA has been compromised and is now being
used, misused and abused by well connected
politicians and foreign owned companies who are
competitors of Keroche Breweries.
2. KRA and foreign companies competing with
Keroche Breweries have no interest of the Kenyan
people. They don’t care about the thousands of
Kenyans whose lives will be ruined by the closure
of Keroche. There will be massive loss of jobs
from those employed by Keroche directly and
those who have indirect employment from the
firm such as distributors, stockists and suppliers
including several youths some of them being
University students from different parts of the
3. The most active politicians in this infamous
fight of Keroche were interestingly the ones who
loudly cheered President Barack Obama loudest
when the US President talked about women
empowerment. Its worrying how they have
forgotten too soon and are now fighting the great
investment being championed by a woman. The
Naivasha politicians who have been bribed by
Keroche competitors clearly don’t believe in
women empowerment.
We have in our possession the names of
politicians and KRA officials and their links with
Keroche competitors and we shall name them and
shame them in due course.
We call upon the Youth to rise up and protect
such enterprises as Keroche as they are the
source of employment and livelihood to the
youths and other Kenyans.
We demand the immediate resignation of KRA
Boss and other public officers involved in this
saga before the massive demonstration in
solidarity with Keroche that we shall organize
very soon throughout the country.

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