Bleaching gone sour! Vera Sidika’s skin shows defects (photo)

What would you do with kes 50 million? I know most of you would invest with such kind of money, some will blow it fast, some will buy crazy ‘toys’ and the list is endless.

Guess what, Vera Sidika, a top socialite and fashionista with a well endowed behind decided to change her skin colour with such a lump sum of money.

The curvaceous socialite stunned many Kenyans when she further went for a breast implant which cost her kes 0.3 million.

She went ahead to confess that she does her hair with approximately kes 0.5 million. OMG! Don’t think that I am cooking this figures, Vera Sidika is the one who came out with the figures.

What dazed Kenyans and the world at large is why and how she ‘lightened’ her skin for such an amount of cash. The ‘news’ was received with mixed reactions and many were left with endless strings of questions.

Recently,  the bleached socialite visited  the States, Miami to be precise just to her a good time and probably service her loaded clienteles.

 Her latest photo has left tongues wagging and many of her social media fans are conjecturing that her bleaching might have gone wrong.
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