Caroline Mutoko Finally Speaks! Here Is Her View On The Pastor Ng’ang’a Fiasco

Many have been yapping about Pastor James Ng’ang’a and others have been unfair to the controversial and scandalous ‘man of God.’

The ostentatious and flamboyant preacher might have ‘lost direction’ but it ain't fair of us to
‘attack’ him ruthlessly. Human is to err!

The impertinent and elegant TV queen, Caroline Mutoko has been quiet but she decided to do the necessary and as we all know, she rarely goes wrong. She says what she feels is right and
there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

Caroline Mutoko who is a role model to many young Kenyans, including me opened up and claimed that she was quiet because she did not want to ‘shout’ while everyone was ‘yelling.’ As you all know, he who laughs the last, laughs the loudest!

Here is what she said:

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