Catherine Kamau (Celina) parades her ‘number 8’ figure for Team Mafisi (photo)

Catherine Kamau populary known as Celina is a former Mother-in-Law actress who became a household name after proving that she is the best actress in Kenya.

Lately, things have been good and super for her. Rumor has it that she is set to walk down the aisle with Phil, former Tahidi High actor who performed under the stage name of Melvin.

 She too has a lucrative endorsement with Harpic and I can bet my bottom dollar that she is now the new queen of entertainment in Kenya.

She is among the most talented if not the most talented actress in Kenya. Her beauty too ain’t nothing to play with. Her curves and juicy assets always leave team mafisi begging for more.

She recently hit the gym to reduce weight and shape her body and here is the outcome


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