Despite The Billions, Raila Junior Complains about KQ’s Expensive Tickets

Kenya airways has received its fair share of trolls and whatever garbage Kenyan could throw at it. This started immediately after the company announced it had made a loss of 26 billion shillings about a week ago.

According to a new revelations, the company has been making losses due to their expensive fares they charge which has let to most of the airplanes travelling almost empty.

 And if you thought only the middle class complaining about the expensive KQ flights, you will be surprised to find even the billionaires feel it.

Raila's son Raila Odinga Junior despite the billions the family owns also felt a pinch when he was asked to pay Kshs. 17,000  for one way from Kisumu to nairobi.

Here is what he posted;

The fact that kenya airways lost 26 billion during the last financial year is a testament to their dinosaur management, apparently as per an article in the daily hey we’re paying on leases of planes that were parked at the airport.

The other day we were looking to travel from kisumu to Nairobi as per chance one of the people we were traveling with wasn’t well and we suggested they fly rather than drive down with the rest of us, as it was midday the only flight leaving was kQ upon requesting the price we were quoted 17,000/= ksh for a one way, obviously this was not worth it at all and we ended up all driving down spending the night in Nakuru and continuing to Nairobi, Kenya .

You see here in lies the problem for I am beyond certain that the plane to Nairobi was empty for that 2 o’clock flight with not more than a handful of people. Kenya airways and its management still envisions flight travel as a luxury service and not a modern alternative means of transport, gone are the days when the only people who would jump on a plane to mombasa are European tourists on holiday, the elitist views of the management are what have trapped the carrier in its 17k per ticket syndrome.

Today the alternatives are Many and for KQ to survive they must change with the times
discount last minute ticketing, packaged tickets anything just get people to board the planes

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True statement there that's not complaining its stating it as it is!!