Donald Trump pledges To Deport All Kenyans, Living In The US,Including POTUS, When He Becomes President

Donald Trump, a self made billionaire and the Republican presidential candidate has promised to deport all Kenyans living in the US, including POTUS, President Barack Obama, when he is elected the President of The United States.

According to Newslo Trump said he would deport both Kenyan and Mexican immigrants and make the respective countries meet the deportation costs.

Ive had my eye on Kenyans for a while now Kenyan Americans as they call themselves, have been here for a while now and there are bound to be some difficulties with the whole deportation process,’’ Donald Trump observed.

As if that was enough, he went ahead and said;

“I promise Americans that I will make the Kenyan government pay for the deportation of every decendant of every Kenyan who today resides in the United States, regardless of how they came to be here,

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