Elani’s Wambui talks about her gorgeous and sexy sister (photo)

Wambui Ngugi is one of the members of the Elani trio, a Kenyan leading and award winning music group known for its biggest hit, ‘kookoo.’
The trio consists of three talented singers; one male sandwiched in two females-Brian Chweya, Maureen Kunga and Wambui Ngugi.
Of late they have been keeping a low profile. They have been away from the limelight something that I am against since Sauti sol are killing and making it big while they are silent. No competition!
Wamaitha Ngugi is Wambui Ngugi’s elder sister who is on fire. ‘Ita wazima moto.’ She is three years older than Wambui. Their physique might be different but she is ‘moto wa kuotea mbali.’
Wambui confesses that Wamaitha used to tell her (Wambui) that she can’t sing but Wambui proved her wrong. Who is laughing now, huh! The two sisters are close to each other.
Here is the evidence.

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