Exclusive Photos of another Kenyan victim of Saudi Arabia 'JOBS'

Joblessness has been a major problem in Kenya. It is a great menace. Many youths are either under employed or unemployed hence making them to become desperate for jobs and 'opportunities.'
Saudi Arabia discovered this 'niche'  and took advantage of Kenya among other undeveloped countries. They started taking young girls from Kenya, promising them a good pay buy they ended up mistreating them.
#rescueMarthaFromSaudi is a hash-tag that has been ruling twitter as KOT try to find a way of rescuing Martha who fell prey of Saudi Arabia 'jobs'. Martha is not the first Kenyan neither is she the only one.
 Many  Kenyans have suffered in the cruel hands of Saudi Arabia as they look for jobs. I wish the Kenyan government would do something about this case.
Below are pictures of Martha who is going through a tough time in Saudi Arabia

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18 August 2015 at 17:12 delete

This is serious humiliation, what did she do wrong to deserve this...