Huddah Monroe Fires back at haters,inclusive of Vera Sidika (Full text, no filter)

After Huddah Monroe revealed that she was earning a living from farming, many haters begged to differ with the controversial socialite and attacked her bitterly; including Vera Sidika who claimed that she had downloaded some of the pictures she used to display her farm..

Here is what Huddah had to say in her social media page

Good morning. Yesterday most of you reminded me of my fav quote, “A QUEEN DOESNT GET OFF HER THRONE TO ADDRESS A PEASANT” Today I am alive and healthy . I have all the reasons to be happy and thankful . You know , it costs nothing to be a positive person coz I know that People who hate on others feel the hate more than the person they are hating on that’s why they are forever negative.I want to thank all my followers and fans for always being loyal and positive no matter how many times people have tried to drag my name into the mud , y’all stick here with me like white on rice .Sometimes I just wish I could hug each one of you personally, I LOVE you coz You keep me going and you inspire me to do better .

Now ,Most of you always wonder on your mails and comments why people come at me all the fuckin time . It’s simple,RUN THIS TOWN !. Niggas wanna fuck me and bitches wanna be me soo fucking bad . The Obsession with Huddah is real and I’m glad most of you have seen it and CURSED it . Some people have to always talk about HUDDAH coz when they talk about themselves NOBODY gives a fuck !!! When they talk about HUDDAH they get followers and that day their page is filled with comments LMFAO! They get addicted and they keep doing it to make their IG lively coz without HUDDAH on their page ,They are totally irrelevant and That’s is why they have to constantly post about the QUEEN |THE BOSS CHICK  |THE MISTRESS OF ALL TRADES coz without me ,their timelines are Dead and cremated !

To my loyal fans , I LOVE YOU , I see you and I appreciate you .May God give you all your hearts desires and keep guiding U to live a positive life . Amen . Keep smiling coz ONE DAY BITCHES WILL BECOME BELIEVERS!!!


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