Huddah Will Celebrate If She Reads This, But Vera Will Shed Tears, Take A Look

After Vera Sidika posted her nyonyos on social media ( photo ), here is what she got, bitter responses!

Sharon Angel Sharycê: When a lady is blessed with beauty and no brains,it's the private parts that suffer.....just saying

Bitty Macharia: You need mollis vee.....thatway you will never show off these nipples that look like ball gums plus if mollis catches you belive me your silicones will just start licking then you will be #TeamBoched

Lenyrick Dominic: Siutoe zote upige tu picha nude! Tutashare na utapa mafans World wide!! Toa zote vee!

Hadija Mohammed: Showin cleavage to attract customers..tafuta custmer vera its the only business give u money and make u rich no different btn u and a thief bcoz hoes and thief are the
same..unaiba wanaume kupitia such pictures ao tht u can get ppl...

Staceys: Mum Zitoe inje tuone wink emoticon huddah alitushow zake leta real compe vee toa blouse ama ni dangaree .

Joel Gitonga: and sometime back when i told niggaz here that you were an expensive prostute
they insulted me,glad you proving them wrong,the egg is on their face

Michael Mutiso: daaamn...mafanto nazo Patrick Njoya: Blame the surgeon Vee...
Naomi Ndirangu: them nipps got hoeish behaviour like their mummy lol

Märý Wäýrýmû: they have spotted a potential sponsor.

Lawrence McAu: Plastic beauty without brains is a display of Cosmetic Foolishness..... Lucia Goth Makena: woman you have the spirit of seduction,nudity,lust in you,the devil is using you to lead men astray.

Boy Gitz: Kenya sassa wengine hapa wanashinda wakisema 'ati am natural and beautiful na nyonyos saizo zinakaa za nyanya ako 80 yrs" vera ana za plastic but supu

Jasmine Venice: And what was the point of sharing this??

Scolah Rose: Test them with your brain not nipples, guys gonna fuck u & disappear but brain will & gonna be urs till the last min here on earth.

Don Erick: Symptoms za cancer... James Maina: As i said earlier are trying to show off your gooddies of which we can tell you for free. Good things do not need advertising. Unatuekea nipple apa ndio nini? Mature up gyal James Iliah: sasa mbona watuonyesha nipples surely. fanya kama mwenzako na uachilie vitu tuzione vizuri

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