Jaguar Attacks Mombasa Governor Over Kshs.200,000 Argument

Charles Njagua better known by his stage name as Jaguar is not a happy man as we speak. The ‘kigeugeu’ hit maker and other Nairobi based musicians begged to differ with the Mombasa governor, Ali Hassan Joho after he (Joho) announced that they will have to pay 0.2 m to perform in Mombasa county.

The ‘bad news’ was received with mixed reactions from Kenyan celebs and many reacted in distress and skepticism claiming that Hassan Joho was trying to divide the already united music showbiz in Kenya.

Jaguar is among the many celebs who aired out their opinion and here is what he had to say:

“How can you ask me to pay a special levy when I go to perform in Mombasa, Kisumu or Nakuru simply because I am based in Nairobi. Isn’t this dividing Kenyan artistes? Are our fans going to be divided into such blocks? Kenyan music is still young and it beats logic to start overtaxing musicians who are already facing so many challenges. For the industry to grow, we need artistes to be liberal, not only to meet the demands from fans but also exchange ideas among themselves. I for example recorded a single with Sudi Boy from Mombasa to help us promote each other. This is what we need to grow the industry,”

Personally, I agree with Jaguar. No country in the world ‘discriminates’ musicians from other towns or countries. Ne-Yo is set to perform in Kenya and the last time I checked, he dint spend a dime to be allowed to perform in Kenya.

I urge Kenyan leaders to stop politicizing the entertainment industry. They have already devastated the sports and culture industry, so please, keep off!


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