Lillian Muli flaunts her well endowed behind in her new photo

Tell me that Lillian Muli Kanene ain't the hottest and prettiest screen-siren in Kenya and I will definitely call you a liar.

Her bright and brilliant smile always gives ‘Team Mafisi’ sleepless nights. I can comfortably say that she is currently the queen of TV in Kenya.

Her eloquence and mastery of the Queen’s language is incredible. She is super talented, full of charisma and above all, she is very professional.

Controversies have been part and parcel of her life but she has managed to take the bull by the horn and as we speak, confidence and high self esteem are her major character traits.

Despite being the best media personality in Kenya, the soft spoken and hot news anchor is a down-to-earth angel who always minds her P's and Q's.

What ‘kills’ many is her magnificence and beauty. Her luscious and juicy and assets are just implausible. Below are her recent photo that everyone is talking about.

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