List of Celebs who have confessed their HIV status, Number 3, 4 and 6 will shock you

HIV/AIDS is a deadly scourge not only in Kenya but also in the world. Many people fear disclosing their status but others have been brave enough to reveal their status in public. Below are names of Kenyan celebrities who unveiled their HIV status.

1. Huddah Monroe
Huddah Monroe alias The Boss Chick, the controversial socialite who is still battling for supremacy with Vera Sidika posted a photo of her HIV results after she was accused of being positive.

2. Vanessa Chettle
The desperate and ‘dazed’ socialite did the unexpected. She decided to record a video of herself during a HIV test after she was accused of infecting several celebrities among them controversial radio presenter, Shaffie Weru and the self-proclaimed king of bling, CMB Prezzo

3. Frigacy
George Kihara who was better known as Frigacy was the first Kenyan artiste to reveal his HIV status back in 2013.He revealed that he is g@y and also HIV +. He later succumbed in a mysterious death.

4. Joji Baro
He is a gay activist and a gospel artiste. He revealed that he was r@p3d by a male Catholic priest who infected him with HIV.

5. Vera Sidika
The well endowed and curvaceous socialite revealed that she is HIV- after anecdote started going round that she was infected with HIV

6. Ukoo Flani’s Richard Amouk
The Ukoo Flani Hiphop Guru said that he is HIV+ and went further to expose the woman who infected him.

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