Machachari’s Sophia Surely Makes Beyonce And Kim Kardashian Look Ugly (Photos)

 Machachari’s finest actress Sophia, who acts as a housemaid, mboch is with no doubt the most beautiful damsel in the Kenyan competitive entertainment industry. Whst you don't know about her is thatsShe is a totally different creature from the one we see on out TV screens.

The appealing sassy hot mama is the next big thing in the Kenyan showbiz and I can comfortably bet my bottom dollar that she will soon give Brenda Wairimu and Lupta Nyong'o a run for their money.

She is the actress to watch. She is truly a force to reckon with. Currently Sophia is happily married and she happens to be a proud mom of one.

Talent, glamour and magnificence are written all over her appealing face and she can make a poor man break the bank for her sake.

She is just the ideal woman for any man. She always manage to look super cool and her killer smile is one of kind.

Recently, she broke the internet with her new look that has left tongues wagging as Team Mafisi salivate as if they are paid to do so.

Please do enjoy!

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