Marya (Mustafa’s ex) flaunts pictures of her ‘married’ boyfriend

Marya was once the best singer in Kenya. She was a force to reckon with and Avril can bear me witness. This s£xy and hot mama had the looks and voice. ‘Hey Baby,’ a song she did with controversial rapper Colonel Mustafa-her ex boyfriend was a monster hit.
‘Chokoza’ too was among the best collabos ever done in Kenya. She received a couple of nominations but her star was slowly and steadily dimming. Her name was ‘totally’ forgotten by her fans.
After she broke up with bad boy Mustafa, she lost a sense of direction and she started living a careless life. She acquired tattoos and started leading a gangster life and as we all know, she hasn’t been having an easy time.
She soon resurfaced claiming that she in love with a dude who is allegedly married. The two have been displaying their sweet photos in their social media pages. Many have tried to turn them down but they don’t give a f**k. They just don’t care. Haters can talk but the two are surely having a nice time.

 the following picture followed after her warm message

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