Nicki Minaj dumps Meek Mill


The controversial queen of HipHop, Onika Maraj commonly known as Nicki Minaj has literally dumped her celebrity sweetheart meek Mill. The ‘’hey mama’’ hit maker has been quiet about the beef between drake and meek Mill and she finally let it all out on Thursday.

Chris brown was truly sincere when he said, this b****es aint loyal. Meek Mill wanted Nicki Minaj to be on her side but Nicki Minaj was loyal to drake. She kinda defended him.

Don’t be too sure about this rumor since it is said that Nicki Minaj and meek mill are in a tour. Maybe it’s just a mind game or it true. Some said, any publicity is good publicity. The two might be making money out of controversy and we are just being fooled around

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