Prezzo caught Squeezing a lady on the sofa (photos)

Prezzo is also becoming a socialite like Mustapha because they have nothing to offer and they still want to remain relevant.

The self proclaimed king of bling is known for using and dumping very hot, sassy and classy ladies. Ask Sheila Mwanyigah, Huddah Monroe and Daisy among the few, and they will tell you their awful ordeal with the El presidante.

The flamboyant rapper has been off the limelight for a pretty long time but his deeds and actions are still wanting. He messes with whoever he feels like and he owes no one any apologies.

During as certain event that was going on in Nairobi, The ‘president’ was captured getting cozy on a sofa with an unknown sexy diva. CMB Prezzo was all over her. He doesn’t give a damn about the paparazzi. Check out

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