Provisional ‘list of shame’ of those who leaked pictures of school girls hiding drugs in their private parts


Recently, high school kids were caught misbehaving in a bus. The students were eating the forbidden fruit alongside abusing narcotic drugs, marijuana.

 Female students were handled inappropriately, something that raised eyebrows. The ‘pioneers’ of the first pictures and videos on the same were bitterly condemned.

The police have been on the lookout investigating on how the pictures leaked. Many citizens too were disgusted in the manner in which the activity was conducted.

 EAHD did its research and filed the following report:

Independent Computer Forensics Report
“The report is meant to highlight the authenticity of technology more so computer forensics to establish the original individual(s) who may have distributed the contents illegally.”

“EADH investigated all the facts surrounding the story and tested their authenticity and validation. From our initial investigation, we have a list of more than 150 web pages who covered
this story along with the pictures. These websites includes various news sites, blogs, Facebook pages, twitter accounts, Google + profiles and many more.”

 “Since more than 140 of these web pages and other media covered the story on August 7, 2015 and onwards we were able to dig out some personal user profiles who had shared this story way
before it came into media. This gives us as well as local police a major lead in narrowing down the scope of investigation and helping them investigating those few people who had shared the story way before it made any headline.”

“Names and other details of such users have been successfully obtained by EADH and will be presented to the local police shortly. EADH firmly believes that after investigating those few people (not more than 5) the truth will be presented to the people about the person who actually publicized the pictures which should have never come in public.”

“EADH has solved lots of cyber forensics cases for the government agencies along with the other private corporations and has a proven track record of 100% success. We believe we will also explain the untold story behind this case shortly to the world and will help the authorities bringing the actual culprit down to justice. Proof of Concept (POC):- Under this section EADH is disclosing the users details and their public profile who shared the story on August 6, even before some of the leading media houses of the country and were amongst the very few to post the pictures online.”

Dagitari Wanjohi @Wakigogoine

The above person is believed to the be among the first people who initially posted the photos on social media the authenticity and verification of their source of the
file would clearly prove who had passed the images to him.

BRIAN!! @Ichieni

 The above person spearheaded the spread of the file to other internet users and thereafter the file took a life of its own

trap a velli @BoiBlunt
Krystal Joe Google +
The person above did the most initial post on Google plus All these users hared these pictures online very early which can help the authorities getting close of the suspects and nipping dow the one who made the first uploads over the internet.

“If East African Data Handlers Ltd. Gets a chance of further investigating into the case, we shall be able to provide enough evidence to prove the original person behind uploading these pictures online and we shall be in a position to disclose all the details of the device with which these pictures were taken and uploaded.”

“We believe East African Data Handlers Ltd. Will assist the authorized authorities in every possible way to get the culprit down to justice and setting an example across the country so that every individual thinks twice before doing such a sin in future.”

1. East African Data Handlers Ltd. Does not declare the above-mentioned profile owners as the suspects in this case in any regards. However we believe that a digital forensics examination of their gadgets can lead us to the original culprit behind this.

2. East African Data Handlers Ltd. Does not take responsibility for the admissibility of this report in any courts of law until and unless contacted by the right authorities. In that case EADH shall
present a comprehensive forensics report with the proof of concept of all the evidences prepared in accordance with the U.S. Cyber Laws.


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