RIP Mustafa, we miss you

Controversial rapper, Colonel Mustafa was once a top musician in Kenya. Back in the day, he was a member of Deux Vultures which was with no doubt the best music group in Eastern and Central Africa.

‘Monalisa’ was once the biggest hit song in Kenya and Africa as a whole. ‘Kinyaunyau’ too was a monster hit. All am trying to say is that they were the real deal. Anytime they went to the studio, it was obvious that they would give us a hit song.

I don’t know what happened but the two just part ways. Nasty Thomas and Colonel Mustafa decided to venture into solo careers and this is what literally killed Mustafa.

‘Hey Baby’ was the last hit from Mustafa and his ex girlfriend, Marya. Mustafa slowly but steadily he started losing his name, game, fame and popularity. At one point in time, I was the biggest fan of Mustafa but my interest was slowly fading away. A musician who we once idolized was wasting his life.

To remain relevant, Mustafa started been controversial pulling public stunts each and every day. One of his biggest and most foolish public stunt was when he and Huddah Monroe announced that they were in a relationship and that they will soon be getting married. Huddah Monroe was not ‘satisfied’ with Mustafa’s agreement and their fame was hitting the rock.

Anytime you hear news about Mustafa, I can bet my bottom dollar that it will be news involving nude girls. His last ‘miss’ song, which has no lyrics and flow, ‘Dodoma singida’ was banned from local TV stations. It is a 4 min video but 3.5 min of the video displays nude girls busy doing nothing but shaking what they got from their mama.

Nyota Ndogo even tried to correct our lost brother but he was already lost and will never be found. RIP Mustafa. Music is not your thing, please find something else to do. I truly miss you.
look at what he does nowadays:


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