Sarah Hassan (Tanya is taken)- here is a photo of her getting intimate with her bae


Sarah Hassan, better known as Tanya became a household name in Kenya when she was an actress in citizen TV’s local program, Tahidi High. The sassy and classy hot mama has been giving many men (especially team mafisi) sleepless nights. Her voluptuous curves are every man’s dream and desire.

Despite being pretty and sexy, she too is talented. She has appeared in many local TV programs after she left ‘Tahidi High’. She is the former host of the wedding show and Mashariki Mix, and she is the current co-host of discovery 254 in NTV

She has managed to keep her private life private. Rumors have been ruling the air that she is dating but she confirmed none of that.  She recently posted a picture that is so suggestive. She was getting cosy and comfy with her alleged ‘sweetheart’. The picture was taken during the miss world Kenya 2015 which went down at the Sankara hotel.

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