Shocking news: A pastor officially weds his gay ‘sweetheart’ (photos)

Edwin Sikot, a Mombasa based gay pastor has astonished many Kenyans after he tied the knot with Isaiah Guda, his 27 year old ’boyfriend’ or ‘girlfriend’ (please pardon me; I am not sure which is which).

The wedding took place in a local church in Mtito Andei and it was attended by roughly 20 people since only a few people were invited to grace the occasion.

In an interview with a local daily, the pastor confessed that they ‘feel in love’ via Facebook. Here is what the pastor said:

“ We had the wedding in the village where we stay. A pastor there, a good friend who understands much and who knows I am a gay and who knows about my relationship with Isaiah, brought a word– something like a service, for our wedding. We made a tent. It was just us and our guests, about twenty people. We said our vows to each other.

They are now living as husband and wife despite the threats they received from locals. Below are pictures of the ‘happy’ newlyweds:

                                           Edwin Sikot (left) and his 'honey' Isaiah Guda (right)

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