Shocking news:Meet the dude with an enormous behind! (photos)

Vera Sidika, Risper faith, Judy Anyango and Corazon Kwamboka top the list of having the biggest derriere. These socialites are really ‘blessed’ with voluptuous curves and juicy assets. They have tormented men in Kenya and it’s like they are not stopping any time soon.

Many damsels envy them. They wish they had such behinds. Some go to the extra mile of having implants just to boost their ‘supporting documents.’

Meet Micah, a 20 year old young lad who has caught the attention of many from the states for having female features. She has the figure of a chille yet she has not undergone any surgeries. She can give Vera Sidika a run for her money.

Micah has managed to get a lot of media attention and has garnered himself a huge fan base in Chicago. What astonishes me is that she puts on make up and wigs and you can confuse him to be female. Is he trying to follow the trend of Bruce Jenner who changed his sex?

Check him out


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