Top 5 super ugly photos of Lilian Muli

Lillian Muli Kanene is the most beautiful and most talented news anchor in Kenya at the moment. This damsel was not created, she was designed. Her smile can send a man to his early grave.

She is the dream of every man. Even after she divorced with his husband, she continued being strong. She is now a household name in Kenya, thanks to Citizen TV.

Nowadays, men don’t watch news; they only stare at the sexy and pretty Lillian Muli. Her sense of fashion is also on point. I personally ‘like’ her. She is good looking and down to earth.

She deserves the crown. Tell me that you dislike her and I will bitterly condemn you. Don’t hate, appreciate.

Watu hutoka mbali and Lillian Muli is of no exception. Below are pictures that she will never want anyone to set his or her eyes on.


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