Vera Sidika pulls a new ‘harmless’ look (photos)

Vera Sidika is arguably the queen of socialites in Kenya even though Huddah Monroe is still a menace and a night mare to her. This sassy and classy diva has been the talk of town lately, obviously for the wrong reasons. She is the ‘queen of drama’

Many people are used to her nude and semi nude photos and I can bet my bottom dollar that she is perfect at exposing her juicy and voluptuous curves. She does it well, no wonder she has ‘clienteles’ who are ready to do anything to get a piece of her ‘apple pie.’

Recently, the bleached hot mama travelled to the USA and you can’t believe how she was dressed. You can mistake her for a nun or a confused class eight candidate who is not yet sure of herself. I personally didn’t recognize her until my ‘ally’ forced me to accept the fact that it was Vera sidika.

All the best in your new look mistress, you look charming! But be careful, these look won’t favour your ‘million dollar career’


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