‘’Women Are Afraid To Have S3x With Me,’’ Man With The Longest ‘Anaconda’ In The World Reveals (Photo)

OMG! 18.9 inches! That’s the length of Roberto Esquivel Cabrera’s d*ck. He is from stalito, in north eastern Mexican state of Coahuila.

Recently he opened up and claimed that his anaconda is a ‘disability’ since he is unable to perform his daily tasks.

The lonesome and forlorn man with the largest manhood in the world claims that women are terrified to ‘make love’ to him.

What astounds me the most is that he is not in the Guinness Book Of World records something that bothers him. He wants to be ‘honoured’ by the Guinness Book Of World records for having the largest and longest ‘python.’

He too wants to be registered as disabled claiming that his colossal p3nis makes him be unable to secure and or sustain a job.

Below is a 3D x-ray that confirmed and proved that it is genuine

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