A Kenyan-American Presidential Aspirant Beat Donald Trump In A New Poll

Gifted Hands and Think Big might be familiar to many if not all. Well, the author of the two top selling novels in the world, Ben Carson recently announced that he will be contesting for American presidency on the Republican Party ticket.

Ben Carson too revealed that he was a Kenyan, a Turkana to be precise and at this rate, he might follow Barack Obama’s footsteps if he wins the Republican party ticket.

Lately, the neurosurgeon has gained more popularity than business mogul, Donald Trump who has been rude and arrogant for the last couple of weeks.

According to the research conducted by Monmouth University revealed the following results:
Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, at 10%;
Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, at 9%;
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, at 7%;
former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, at 5%;
Ohio Gov. John Kasich at 4%
Florida Sen. Marco Rubio at 4%;
Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, at 3%;
former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee at 3%
former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick at 3%
Santorum, at 2%.

Carson and Trump are tied at 23% and it is evident that Trump’s popularity is deteriorating at an alarming rate, thanks to his negative remarks that he regularly makes in public.

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