Check Out For Jeff Koinange’s New ‘Toy’-Mercedes Benz G Class (Photos)

‘’Oh My!’’ This is the real meaning of living life in the first lane, bigger than life. Jeff Koinange, who descended from a royal family, is without doubt the best journalist in Kenya.

His mastery of the Queens’ language and eloquence is unmatched! Recently, he was the face of a lucrative advertisement in Kenya, Tusker.

It seems that he is pocketing good cash and his latest guzzler is proof enough. The Jeff Koinange Live (JKL) talk show host recently acquired a left-handed G-Class, a matchless German machine. It is estimated to have cost him $115,000 (kes 11.5 M)

Below are pictures of Jeff Koinange’s latest toy. ’’What a car!’’--(photos taken by Niaje)

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