DJ RC’S JOURNAL: Meet Ann Kiguta In Person (Photos)

Beauty is an understatement, she defines perfection. Ann Nduta Kiguta is with no doubt the queen of TV in Kenya, the best female news anchor. The Citizen TV’s stylish and impertinent screen-siren has graced our TV screens for a pretty long time and we all absolutely love her.

Her mastery of the queen’s language and eloquence is unmatched! Her gorgeousness and magnificence can’t go unnoticed. She is the real definition of beauty.

To her life has not been a bed of roses. She has had her fair share of tribulations and controversies but she never gives up. She knows that she came from a humble background and she has to go against all odds to be successful.

Here are some of the things you didn’t know about the sultry Citizen Tv’s Ann Nduta Kiguta.

·         She was once a video vixen
·         She once worked for KTN
·         She is happily married
·         She is 30 years old
·         She is the lastborn in a family of 4 children (all girls)
·         She is a mother of one-Sasha
·         She was once rumored to be dating Maina Kageni
Below are some of her pictures that will leave many begging and yearning for more. What a brazen lass!

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