Forget The Rumors, Find Out Whether Or Not Caitlyn Jenner Is Transitioning To Be Male

Sometimes people have a problem of either referring to Caitlyn Jenner as a him or a she, well, call Caitlyn Jenner a shim. She is both male and female.

The former Bruce Jenner is rumored to be transforming her gender to her male self, here is what a Kenyan blog, Niaje had to say:

Caitlyn Jenner probably has to be the most lauded transgender personality across the world. The one time Olympic gold medalist by the time she was just ‘Bruce Jenner’ is rumored to be transitioning back to her male self.

There’s a screenshot doing round on social media that alludes that Caitlyn Jenner is
transitioning back to Bruce and she’s glad that she didn’t go through a sex change. Said
screenshot from a certain news platforms claiming that Caitlyn said that she was just
going through a phase and she wants to go back to being the man God created.

Well all this is certainly untrue since, a judge has approved the I Am Cait star’s name and
gender change, just over one week after the 65- year-old star submitted legal documents.
Jenner, who did not appear in court, will now be granted a new birth certificate that reflects
her gender and name change.

According to the documents previously filed on Sept. 15, Caitlyn requested her name be
changed from William Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn Marie Jenner. She listed the reason for her
name change as “to better match my identity” and signed the documents Bruce Jenner. Well
world Caitlyn Marie Jenner just got even more legit thrashing every trace of her existence as
Bruce Jenner.

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