Grace Msalame Shares Her Deep Secret As She Showcases Her Stretch Marked Belly (photo)

Curvaceous and stunning media personality Grace Msalame recently took to her social media page to open up her heart and advice ladies who wish/want to be parents in future.

 The well-endowed classy and sassy diva is currently a mother of gorgeous twin daughters. She decided to reveal that ladies should prepare to loss their beauty when they are expectant.

 She was ‘lenient’ enough to share a photo of her tummy which is full of stretch marks that are kinda permanent.

 Here is what she had to say:

 ’Moms to be this for me was the hardest to come to terms with… My Belly stretched exponentially!!! four years later this is my state, yes it shrinks back, but the stretch marks remain as that badge of honour for carrying Twins! Till today I have moments when I’m in disbelief of this miraculous Journey. #carryingmultiples.’’



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