‘’I Hate Kenyans With A Passion…’’ Donald Trump Attacks Kenya For The Third Time

Republican presidential candidate and business magnate, Donald Trump is known for his ‘discourteous’ nature and attitude. He is egotistical and supercilious with no apologies.

He once said the Kenyan athletes are con men and swindlers after earlier claiming that he will deport all Kenyans from the US including POTUS, President Barrack Obama when he becomes president.

Recently as he was responding to a Kenyan journalist who works for BBC, trump decided to pour it all.

‘‘Sir, my name is Gladys, a Kenyan journalist working for BBC; Kenyans have complained that you hate them and that recently you called our athletes that won in Beijing cheap frauds and conmen. Do you still hold that position and if so, why do you hate us so much Mr. Trump?” Gladys posed her question carefully and in style.

“I hate Kenyans starting with Obama and that is why I promise to deport all of them when I ascend to the helm. You people sneaked into our country and you’ve devalued it greatly. Look at this clown that calls himself POTUS, this one has rendered America to the dogs and it is time we made our beloved country great again. Recently I heard that you people have generated twitter hashtags trying to rebuke me. I am the pillar of America, a true American and any Kenyan that feels irritated can go to hell or call me directly if he has the balls to do so. I will put all of them including you, in their rightful positions” Trump responded with ‘fervor.’

Gladys went on to ask “But Sir., some say you are a cousin to Adolf Hitler and as we all know, Hitler was a German and not an American, what makes you think you are more of American that other immigrants that came the same way as you?”

Trump responded by saying “You see, these are the kind of questions I dislike answering. Go to Obama and ask him that.”

I wonder what he will do when he ascends to power.

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