Is Akothee Using ‘Ndumba’ (Witchcraft) To Amass Wealth? Find Out

The richest musician in Kenya, Akothee of the ‘Djelle Djelle’ fame is known to lead a bigger than life lifestyle.

The flamboyant and flashy singer from coast recently fell victim of the ‘ndumba’ saga. Many people believe that well-off musicians always use ‘kamote,’ ‘juju’ or illuminati (I am not sure of which one people believe in because I believe in none) to amass wealth and Akothee was of no exception.

The multi-millionaire singer went to her facebook account to issue a stern warning to all ‘haters’ who have or are thinking of tarnishing her name using such ‘cheap’ allegations.

Here is what she had in mind:

Haaa it’s the first time am having this visit many people have been spreading rumours that I go to  Nigeria daily to fetch wealth & when I arrive there am buried in the grave for seven days & when I come out, wealth just follow me , I wonder if this people are narrating an afro cinema they just watched ,or they are mad, listen am going there now & if I don’t come back richer ,I will arrest all those people believing in witchcraft , even for a pregnancy , there must have been some action , so don’t let your lazy arse turn your dreams into fictions, get up & work ,work you will rest in the grave ! Ohh you see grave is meant for dead people. Why can’t witch doctors make themselves rich? Who doesn’t want a good life ? Please invest your money on profitable businesses, witchcraft is a dream of a witch doctor if it worked for you am sorry it was just a coincidence that God already had your success in motion , but you were just a little bit impatient. Grow up love
Akothee loves you


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