Julie Gichuru Attacked Hardheartedly (Photo)

This is what we call Cyber bullying of the highest order. Take a look at what how a social media user attacked Julie Gichuru after she aired a story in which women from Nyanza were seen exchanging sex for fish.

Here is what he posted in his social media page:

Julie Gichuru took her stinking Kikuyu hypocrisy to Nyanza and aired the infamous“fish for sex” nonsense. The story was generally meant to demean the Luo community and excite the “other”. Now, a report carried our by a competent organisation has revealed that kids in Nyeri start playing sex before reaching 15. My question to Julie is, isn’t this report worth discussing on Citizen TV? Isn’t it worth the hullabaloo and Kikuyu media madness that met “sex for fish”? Will she, Julie, dedicate a whole one week for this story? Suffice is to say, Julie Gichuru is a cultic tribal idiot who would see a speck in Luopean eye but not the LOG in Kikuyu eyes. It is people like Julie Gichuru who adulterate our media with silly news contents. And by the way, she is getting old and hence not fit for our TV screens.

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