Maina Kageni Receives Death Threats Due To His ‘Love’ For Women

Classic FM’s Maina Kageni claims that his life is in danger after he received threats from a man who threatened to deal with him accordingly for defending women even when they are in the wrong.

The anonymous man went ahead and said that he will mobilize a gang to beat up the flamboyant and flashy radio presenter for misleading their wives;

This is what he posted on social media;
I received a call yesterday from a man saying that I incite women on my morning show. He said that I support women even when they are on the wrong and he promised to gang up on me at my local with his fellow men to teach me a lesson. He is not the only one who has expressed similar sentiments. Is defending what is right for our women incitement? Men, today the focus is on you…for how long do you want to oppress women as we turn a blind eye? Is speaking the truth incitement? How do I incite women???? Hebu niambie!!

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